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-- MikuMikuDance -- [Luka - a prototype and semi-realistic round of modifications to existing models]

STAR CRUISER II (Japanese retro PC-GAME)

Background texture was used for space texture by kaiwakaP production.(sm24744651)

I made the first polygon-model.
Rather than ripping from the game, ASCII Corp was replicated in the 3D-polygon-maker. Indeed the number was around 150 polygons.

Even semi-realistic facial challenge to the original model a few times and then being thrown in the way any good at molding around the jaw. Entering long-term illness leave of absence to life in July 2009, it was time to kill Try again with a light heart.

The above model is not any decent model should be able gap is too large, several were actually thrown. The study will HexaSuper 3D-manga mode, ICO's Yorda tried to trace the outline. At this point the public willing to make no video.


Trace levels of the image. Yorda is a middle teens to the age of 20 Luka is used, because the image capture resolution is too low. Luka because I have a feeling the first image of fishing, and went to change it.

Development of Face

This was a disaster and tinkering. I traced a line of images is about chin. Polygon division is inappropriate tears eye area at the mouth. Inadequate because they are pursuing, with a major obstacle after expression. The neck is unnatural at first did kio-model to fit the combined force from the nanami-model.

Hair and headset

As noted above, was originally type-kio-based modifications. In the picture they use a headset and hair. PMD is extremely difficult because of the skinning and body hair when converted to the format, after nanami-model-based change. Became stuck to draw eerie because the texture properly.

General model

Remove the head nanami-based-Luka import my own face on.
The type-kio hair but still, because the skinning before I stray.

Comparison with other models

MMD models have many characters wear the head low. Which had been turned down along with the head to modify my model it. Although MMD standard 45-degree viewing angle, top-heavy emphasis is too strong a sense of Perth. If there is no intention of directing, if you use a model of the head to a high of 25 degrees would be the lowest possible setting.

MP4 movie "Love & Joy TEST"
File: L_A_J_test.mp4
Data: H264 High@3, 266.400 secs, 504 kbps, 512x384 @ 30. fps NO SOUND
File Size: 19.1 MB

Test movie made to show my friends.
The hair has been left by the model, not only because of the minimal skinning. The impression of "SILENT HILL 4" that appear in "ghost coming out of the wall" seems.

Textured face models of systemic

Proper to put the texture on the face and eye, and replaced my own bangs. In this point I got myself reasonably happy. If I stop work at this point, No one would fall into the quagmire in the face morph.

Expression Testing eyelashes

The vagus, or how to put eyelashes on. Test image is transparent textures. At this point it properly handle the transparent polygons, drawing directly on the texture of the face cheated.

Eye, mouth, teeth, tongue

Beginning of the quagmire. With preparation for modeling facial expressions.
The mouth is small anyway and would obscure.

A reluctance to change nanami-model version

I could not be good at skinning reluctance, nanami-model import a modified skinning hair.
When the dance of "Love & Joy" is made to dance by my model, it has become happy.
I think that it becomes impossible to turn back by easily improving to the NICO NICO DOUGA

As a result of repeated improvements.
*Originally's PMD format, post in the PMX format that you can not control
the thickness of the outline in the viewer setting of 3DCGARTS.
This bangs CG model's bristles of sheer, viewer 3DCGARTS because you can not display a transparent texture correctly, I Aru been replaced with opaque texture.
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